Hello, and welcome to the official website of Massteroid, the outrageous indie game!

In Massteroid, you take control of a rogue asteroid hurdling through space. Objects you collide with during flight have a tendency to stick. Collecting these objects will increase your mass. However, some objects are volatile, and will rip apart your asteroid if they can. Try to avoid those. The bigger you get by the end of your journey, the bigger the surprise will be!

Massteroid was developed by a group of UCI students, known as Team 2012, for a week long game jam event hosted by the Videogame Development Club at UCI. They took home first place, and in the following April, received an Honorable mention at IEEE’s GameSIG student showcase.

Check the news page for any updates, including patch notes.

Available on Xbox Live Indie Games. Plans to port Massteroid to iOS devices are in the works.